Estonian groove monster Lexsoul Dancemachine release new album ‘Lexplosion II’

Lexsoul Dancemachine’s 3rd album «Lexplosion II» will be out via Funk Embassy Records on May 29th. The 8-track LP provides fire power for the funk-soul-disco DJ, albeit remaining a pleasure treasure for the leisure listener. First time ever, the 6 piece Estonian group has invited collaborators: the loose-wristed guitar funk icon Cory Wong from US; the Brazilian percussion maestro Luiz Black who’s gigged with James Brown and recorded with gigs on his résumé; and a local dame with staggering licks on the violin – Liis Lutsoja.

Per usual, LSDM crosses genre borders with tunes in soul, disco, boogie and even house modes. Since the tracks are produced by the Solid Gold Sound, and written by record selectors, it’s a guaranteed DJ-weapon itching to be exploited. LP kicks off with the 7-minute “Basics” – a four-to-the-floor disco beat that features the percussionist par lexcellence, Luiz Black soloing throughout. The stomper entitled “Nu Reality” has taken on another meaning in today’s world. It’s graced with a violin solol. “Entertainment” slows things down in a contemplative soul style. Ready to be sampled, looped and breakdanced to, the instrumental “Pike Jawz” gives the drummer some! “Money” brings on the heavyweight Cory Wong who lends his rubber fingers to perhaps the grooviest rhythm toting funk on the album.  «Carambola Jelly» is a DJ delight that’ll turn the wall flowers into floor-pieces in a catchy manner . «Sex» makes the world go around like a pussycat circling a shrimp salad. On the plate is a 4/4 banger that begs the question is this beat is man or (Dance)machine made. «Supersoul» will leave you in goose bumps, the vocals are central here but  relentless percussion, stupidly catchy guitar riffs and solos will give way to the afterglow.

Made available on vinyl, CD and digitally, the record comes with original artwork by Estookin – a digital painter who did portraits of all the band members in addition to the volcano that couldn’t hold them inside for much longer! The records are pressed in Estonia and pack many nice details to explore, e.g. the CD version opens up to form a 3D volcano.

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