Willwork4funk and Buyú Records present the «Mango EP» by Bahama Soul Club, featuring Cuban singer Arema Arega and remixes by Club Des Belugas and TheEEs

As anticipation builds around the release of their upcoming album «Bohemia After Dawn» dropping on July 17th, German latin / nu jazz outfit Bahama Soul Club  gives another sneak peak into what to expect on the new full-length with «Mango EP», a 3-track teaser centered around track «Mango» featuring Cuban singer Arema Arega.

Arema Arega is one of the most exciting voices in the Bahama Soul Club family and has been somewhat of a permanent feature throughout their albums. In «Mango» she once more confirms this love match with her unique take on this sweet yellow-green part of a god, waxing lyrical over a laidback tropical groove. The track comes accompanied by a groovy video by André Neundorf that blends new film with archival footage taken from movie «Soy Cuba» by Mikhail Kalatozov.

Also on the EP are remixes by  Club Des Belugas who go in a bossanova direction and new project TheEEs who add caribbean reggae vibes. It is rumored that these guys now turned their back to badly cashed major deals to sign for a Million dollar deal on Buyú-Records. An album release of TheEEs on Buyú will impress you later this year. So watch out!

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