Smoove & Turrell give sneak peak into their upcoming album

Smoove & Turrell are a breath of fresh air in the world of soul bands. The boys make no attempt to sound or look like anyone else. Instead you get a wildly talented and vital crew of larger than life North East musicians taking their rightful place on the international soul scene having already become figureheads within the UK. 2020 will see the release of their 6thstudio album «Stratos Bleu»– a slightly different direction as they take influences from their infamous DJ sets where they fuse northern soul with funk and electronica.
«Do It» is the first single from the album and is recognizably a Smoove & Turrell dancefloor destroyer. «Fade Away» features liberal doses of eerie sound design and electronic flourishes from their ever-present keys man – Mike Porter‘s synth collection, next to tasteful guitar elements, an energetic bass line, and infectious grooving beats. But whilst both tracks bear a lot of the hallmarks of classic Smoove & Turrell material they’re definitely evidence of their sound evolving further into uncharted waters, with considerably more electronic dance based influences, and the full talents of their band getting in on the writing process.

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